Annabelle Tinuviel

The Scarlett Songstress


Annabelle is 5’ 8" with long fiery red hair. She has a light complexion, dark green eyes, and a slim build.

Annabelle is sophisticated and highly intelligent. She has been taking care of herself since she became a musician and has even learned how to defend herself since becoming a bard. Under the tutelage of Master Swordsman Caine Zeke she is also a fantastic duelist.

Although she deals in secrets and shadows she is a musician first and foremost, seeking to perfect her art and write lifes masterpiece. She is also a true romantic believing in only loving once in life, and while she enjoys the excitement of being a bard her true desire is to eventually leave the life of danger behind and live in peace with her music.


Annabelle Tinuviel is a famous human bard who grew in fame in Westgate. She is a favorite musician amongst the nobility and has been known to have played for kings and high royalty far and wide.

Unbeknownst to her high brow peers, she comes from humble beginnings. Annabelle was born as a commoner and lived an uneventful life until she was discovered by traveling musician Raynor Javik. Raynor taught her to sing and play the lute, the ever faithful companion of the bard.

Her natural talent and singing voice, in addition to her beauty, garnered her many admirers and patrons. Through her music she has climbed the social ladder of the nobility and is respected by many.

However, Annabelle discovered, like most bards, that the true value of performance is the secrets that can be gleaned. Since she played for many different high born folk she gained many secrets that she learned to sell for even more profit, entering a whole new world shadows and intrigue.

The recent years have found Annabelle travelling often to play for nobility and to also attain/trade secrets. Though every so often she makes her way back to Westgate where she always finds a venue to showcase her skills.

Annabelle Tinuviel

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