Daken Torr

The Butcher of Dar'Kal


Daken is 7’1" with a black mohawk. He is a giant of an orc built purely for combat and physical activity. A long scar runs along the right side of his face from his right brow down past his eye and into his chin.

Daken isn’t intelligent and very greedy, very easily persuaded with enough coin. He is also very fond of ale and can often be found shit faced drunk at the local tavern or whorehouse.

However, Daken Torr is an unrivaled warrior, cutting foes down in single blows with his massive war axe Kel’Dathim.


Daken Torr is an orc warrior and mercenary. He was born the son of an Orc Chieftain with natural talent as a warrior. Through the years he killed many foes seemingly growing stronger and more savage with each battle.

It wasn’t until his tribe was wiped out at the battle of Dar’Kal that Daken realized that there were some battles that even his ungodly strength and combat prowess could not conquer. He then became a mercenary, preferring that others do the thinking for him while he would handle the bloody work.

Daken was a member of many different mercenary companies, bolstering his reputation as a brutal killing machine until he encountered Ezekiel and Jeremiah. While often disappointed in the lack of violence, Daken was persuaded to join the Razgriz due to the amount of money he was able to make. Daken got along with Jeremiah and Vran the most, often drinking and rough housing in the taverns of Westgate.

Daken Torr

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