Jaijarko Rassimi

Slumlord of Rag's End


Over 200 of the shacks and lots that litter Rag’s End are owned by the infamous slumlord Jaijarko Rassimi. From “Jaijarko Castle”, a collection of shanties and tenement buildings interconnected by secret tunnels and hidden doors, Rassimi oversees his virtual empire in the heart of the city’s slums. He employs dozens of thugs whom he utilizes to collect rent from his tenants, while he himself rarely leaves the safety of his castle. He is loathed by many in Westgate, and with good reason.

The party sought out the slumlord after learning that he was housing and aiding members of the Cult of the Dragon. Unfortunately, he was able to see through their disguise and disappeared before being questioned further, leaving the group to fight off over a dozen of his guards.

Jaijarko Rassimi

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