Leosin Erlanthar

Leosion Erlanthar


A half-elf monk present at the raid of Greenest and rescued by the party from the Raider’s Camp. Notably, Leosin is an old friend of Madbrew, having once saved the Dwarf’s life. In their brief conversation, the party learned from Leosin that he had been investigating the pattern of raids throughout the Greenfields for some time. He rightly predicted that Greenest would soon be the target of such an attack and was captured by The Cult of the Dragon while attempting to sneak in among their ranks. The full summary of what he learned of the Cult in his time as a prisoner can be read in the Session Summary for Fri., 10/17 in the Adventure Log.

It is unclear what motivations Leosin has for investigating the attacks or tasking the party with learning more of the Cult.


Leosin Erlanthar

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