Orengar Firebeard


Orengar Firebeard is a well built mountain dwarf around 3’ 6" with fiery red hair. He sports a braided beard and mustache and can usually be found smoking his pipe. Besides his hair, his most distinguishing feature is the lack of his left eye which is almost always covered by a black eye patch.

Firebeard is an impatient and eccentric dwarf. He loves to create new substances and cares not for the impact to people. Gold is but a means to an end, pursuing riches only to fund his experiments. While not a strong fighter he is quite intelligent and is a master alchemist.


Orengar Firebeard was a medic for several dwarven military companies. Specializing in herbalism and alchemy he was a savant in concocting elixirs of all kinds. Eventually though his experiments became too radical for the military and Orengar was dishonorable discharged. His travels eventually led him to serve in mercenary company to company, providing medical aid to multiple soldiers of fortune. Orengar cared not who he worked for as long as they funded his experiments.

It was only by chance that Orengar met with the Razgriz, being employed for a job that required them to fake the death of a noble. After seeing the money that the Razgriz raked in and their secrecy, he eagerly joined, seeing a opportunity to continue his research without having to worry about any complications. He provided medical attention to the Razgriz and also created most of the tools or substances the group used in their endeavors.

Orengar Firebeard

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