Talis Starwind


Talis Starwind is a wood elf of 5’ 5" with curly dark brown hair and dark green eyes. She has a tan skin complexion that is consistent with most wood elves but has no other truly distinguishing features.

Talis is what you would call high maintenance. She has very expensive tastes and lives as luxuriously as she can. Her interests are primarily focused on the arcane and all things mystical. But while wealth and arcane secrets are high on her priority list, first and foremost is her will to survive. Talis’ sense of self preservation supersedes anything else that in her mind.

An elven sorceress, she is not physically strong but has excellent mastery over magic.


Talis Starwind is an elven sorceress who was part of the Razgriz Brotherhood. Before joining the Razgriz she was a wandered Northern Terralia in search of magical artifacts and arcane secrets. Her finds usually lead her to quick money, although her tastes often burned through her wealth rather quickly.

Charmed by Ezekiel and impressed with Jeremiah’s skills, Talis joined the Razgriz after being hired for one of their contracts. The brothers had no need of any magical artifacts and sought only to complete their task, thus Talis was free to have anything of magical in nature. She got along with the Razgriz and was able to fuel her curiosity with magic as the groups magical expert. She got along with Ezekiel the most as both of them had expensive tastes.

Talis Starwind

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