Tag: Westgate


  • Augustin Silversoul

    One of Westgate's most powerful and well respected public figures, Augustin Silversoul, commonly referred to as "the Protector", has retained his position as the leader of [[The Wardens | The Wardens]] for the last two decades. As leader of the city's …

  • Dhalia Golding

    Known throughout the city as an accomplished gladiator, Dhalia Golding now serves as the personal aid and bodyguard to [[:jyrron-callinova | Grand Duke Callinova]].

  • Maximilian Artwright

    The sole attendant of the Temple of Sight in the Keystone district of [[Westgate | Westgate]], Maximilian Artwright is know for his loud sermons aimed at passersby. Artwright was revealed to be a member of [[The Troubadours | The Troubadours]] by [[: …

  • Jaijarko Rassimi

    Over 200 of the shacks and lots that litter [[Rag's End | Rag's End]] are owned by the infamous slumlord Jaijarko Rassimi. From "Jaijarko Castle", a collection of shanties and tenement buildings interconnected by secret tunnels and hidden doors, Rassimi …