Cyanwrath's Conquest, Faramir's Feat

There once was a wizard named Faramir Took,
a small unassuming little man.
But not truly a man for this man was a halfling,
and boy did he get in a jam.

He traveled to the town of Greenest,
in search of adventure and magic.
What he found instead was death and destruction,
yet what happened to him was even more tragic.

A monster laid siege to the peaceful town
his name: Cyanwrath!
But not a monster! Nay! But a Dragon Champion!
To Faramir, clear was his path.

Some called it courage
though many others called it folly.
But after the fight, if you could call it a fight,
Faramir would need a trolley.

Cyanwrath left, his thirst for battle subsiding
and against all odds Faramir survived.
More fearful of dragonkin yet mostly intact
we were all thoroughly surprised!

That battle wounded Faramir
not only in body but also in mind.
His courage now did falter
but never was he truly resigned.

Together we chased Cyanwrath
through dangers far and wide.
For pride! For glory! For vengeance!
We fought against the tides.

Eventually we found the Dragon Champion
deep in the bowels of the earth.
Though fear gripped the halflings heart
this marked the hour of his rebirth.

Before Cyanwrath the halfling knew fear,
and like a child he gripped my hand.
I withdrew my hand in slight discomfort and told him instead:
‘Now is the time to make your stand!’

As if woken from a slumber he attacked!
Bolstered by my words he found his courage
and the halfling fought the dragonkin
while all I could do was encourage.

In the end the beast fell
in a cloud of acid and smoke.
Faramir smote Cyanwrath and we all returned alive
with fantastic stories for all the good folk!

-By Ezekiel Nolan

Cyanwrath's Conquest, Faramir's Feat

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