Along with the port city of Selyon, Dunford represents the southernmost of the frontier settlements in the Kingdom of Aliriba. Located on the edge of the Faded Mount Forest, Dunford is well known for its apiaries; beekeepers are highly respected within the city and the wax, honey and other bee-products made here are sought after throughout Terralia. Additionally, Dunford is a key producer of both lumber and raw metals obtained from the Faded Mount. Its location along the Elgar River allows for easy transportation of goods westward towards Selyon and beyond. Though somewhat isolated, the town is well protected by the Aliriban Guard and serves as a final stop for travelers before beginning the journey south through the Thorisian frontier.

The majority of the town and its permanent structures are situated on a large hill overlooking the Elgar river which is enclosed by a fortified stone wall, and surrounding the rest is a well-maintained timber wall. The lowlands along the river banks are filled with the tents and shanties of the hundreds of transient lumberjacks and miners that call Dunford their home in the height of the working seasons.


  • Type: Lawful Neutral, Large Town
  • Population: 10,000 (+2000 in spring)
  • Government: Magistrate Eurion Pritchet, Representative of the Throne of Aliriba – King Ordric Voss
  • Qualities: Frontier, Logging Town, Business/Travel Oriented
  • Rankings: Corruption +2; Crime +2; Culture -6; Danger 0; Economy +3; Law -1; Society +3

Important NPCs

  • Magistrate Eurion Pritchet
  • Guild Master Halia Thorn
  • Logging Magnate Ulfas Blust
  • Druid of the Cenarion Circle, Fayette Tount

Places of Interest

  • Long Journey’s Respite – Well known and respected inn.
  • The Ash & Chip – Bar for local miners/loggers only
  • Dunford Trade Consortium – Aliriban government run guildhouse for loggers/miners/beekeepers/etc.
  • Grove of Mielikki – Temple to the god on the city’s outskirts grown from a number of trees with translucent plants as multicolored windows and a large garden grove at its center.
  • Chapel of Waukeen – An imposing stone structure set up like a bank with tellers offering religious services and blessings.
  • Founder’s Square – A large public square featuring a massive statue of Broley Dunford; it depicts a human armed in plate with a notched bow bearing the symbol of Aliriba. It is said the man who the town is named for wrested the faded mount from a beholder lord over 200 years ago, extending Aliriba’s borders and enabling passage through and harvest of the Faded Mount.
  • Garrison of the Aliriban Guard – A barracks, armory, and training grounds located at the magistrates keep. Adorned with colors of green & gold, and a symbol of a stag with crossed arrow and axe.
  • Fudrukker’s House of Chance – Well known gambling hall; one of the few permanent structures in the miner/logger shantytown.


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