Mosley is a small hamlet located on the Briarwood Trail in the Southlands of Terralia. Originally began as a hunter’s camp, the hamlet’s remote location deep within the Briarwood Forest has kept its size small. Mosley is the southernmost settlement under the protection of the Elturguard.


  • Type: Lawful Good, Hamlet
  • Population: 50
  • Government: None
  • Qualities: Small, Forested, Hunter’s Village

Notable NPCs

  • Dora and Brandon Staleear

During the party’s travel north from Greenest to Elturel along the Briarwood Trail, they came across Mosley as they began to make camp for the night. Upon entering the hamlet, they found several dead villagers scattered among the buildings, some of which still smoldered with embers after having been recently burned. There they encountered Dora Staleear, and later, her husband Brandon Staleear. For more on this encounter, check the adventure log for the Nov. 6th session.



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