The Lands of Bearenor

Session Summary, Fri. 10/17

Raider's Camp & Greenest

At the beginning of the session Madbrew found himself drinking with the Stormblade Mercenaries and being regaled with a boring tale by – oddly enough for an all Dwarven company – a human named Lane. By speaking with the Stormblades further, he was able to learn some details of the camp itself, and witnessed dissension among their ranks when a cleric of Bahamut named Drola loudly condemned the company’s leader for allying with the Cult of the Dragon.

Meanwhile, Faramir had just begun to regain some lucidity after the mind altering effects of the Dreamyst he had been offered started to fade. Apparently taken with the drug, he traded with a red-eyed, gruff sounding cultist named Ur for three more doses. After speaking with Ur shortly and not getting anywhere, Faramir made to leave, but was stopped by a Cultist who ordered the both of them to clean the wolf kennels. In Ur’s cursing of the cult after receiving the dirty duty, he noted that the cultists weren’t allowed to keep any loot from the raid on Greenest; a detail that would prove useful later.

Jeremiah and Ezekiel were lead to the area where the prisoners were kept in the camp and were then goaded into beating the already bruised captives. At the direction of one of the cultists, Jeremiah quickly and cleanly removed one of the defenseless prisoner’s eyes. At that moment, all of them were ordered to cease their abuse of the prisoners by the camp leader, Frulom Mondoth. Though they had seen glimpses of Mondoth during the raid of Greenest, this was their first face-to-face encounter with one of the leaders of the Cult, other than Cyanwrath. Unfamiliar with all of the initiates in the camp, she assumed the two were cultists and ordered them to assist in bringing the corpses of already dead prisoners up the hill to the mouth of the cave. Though it was not clear what purpose the bodies were meant for, Jeremiah and Ezekiel were able to use the opportunity to scout out the entrance to the cave, which emitted a terrible stench, and learn of something about “dragon hybrids” from an odd initiate helping to push the cart.

Returning to the prisoners, they identified the man lashed to a crossbar as the man they had been tasked to find: Leosin Erlanthar. With Leosin found, the group reconvened and began to formulate an escape plan. Ultimately, they decided to incite a brawl between the Stormblades and Red Sun mercenaries and sneak out with the prisoners in the subsequent chaos. Ezekiel had no trouble of convincing the stoic leader of the Red Sun Company, Nolan Broadbane, that the cult had no intention of paying them and that most of their share from the raids would be going to the Stormblades. Also spreading the rumor among the camp, the Red Sun Mercenaries were quickly worked into a fervor. In the Stormblade camp, Faramir and Madbrew managed to convince several of the dwarf mercenaries of a similar lie, causing one very large dwarf to lead a group of others to fight the Red Suns. Though many of the veterans of the company controlled themselves and stayed in their camp at Old Barty Quint’s command, too many had gone to fight, and the brawl eventually grew large enough to spill into the camp.

As the attention of the entire camp was focused on the growing brawl at its center, Jeremiah freed the prisoners from their bonds, and with Leosin on Madbrew’s back the party began to sneak along the southern wall. Unfortunately, the prisoners were spotted by nearby cultists, and in the end only two managed to make it out with the group: Ben, who Ezekiel later learned is struggling to cope with seeing his family eaten by Kobolds during the raid, and Jemorah, who left to return to his village that had been raided previously.

Escaping the camp unseen, the party returned with Leosin to Greenest, where they rested, crafted, and re-geared. After a full day of rest Leosin awoke and had much to say:

“For the past several months I have been receiving reports from my informants all over the southlands of villages and towns being targeted by raiders. After speaking with some of those who survived one of the raids, they indicated that a dragon had been present and drew an insignia that they had seen some of the raiders wearing. I set off for the library at Candlekeep to research it, and found that it belongs to a very old cult known as the Cult of the Dragon.

However, what I learned doesn’t seem to explain the raids. The cult has existed for centuries, but in all that time, they primarily focused on worshipping deceased dragons and working to create Dracoliches; a task they were never too successful at. However, all of that seems to have changed recently – not only has the cult been far more active than ever before in its history, but they have grown in numbers significantly if my sources are correct.

Leaving the Candlekeep library, I knew from their previous attacks that the time was right for the cult to strike a bigger target, and in this area Greenest is the most prosperous yet poorly defended town, making it likely the next to be hit. I was correct, and sought to infiltrate the Cult, but was captured.”

Leosin also told the party of what he learned while he was in the camp: that it is lead by a half-dragon named Rezmir, a woman named Frulom Mondoth, and the half-dragon Cyanwrath. Also, that the cave was often referred to as the “nursery” and that the loot collected from Greenest, the “great hoard” as he heard it called, is being stored there.

At the behest of Governor Underhill and Leosin, the party set off to return to the camp and observe whatever they could of the Cultist’s operation. However, upon arriving at the camp, they found it nearly deserted after being filled with hundreds only a day ago.


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