The Lands of Bearenor

Session Summary, Fri. Nov. 6

The Hatchery, Greenest, and the Hamlet of Mosley

Madbrew absent for this session.

After their death-defying encounter with Cyanwrath, the party took some time to rest and regain their strength for what lay ahead further into the cave. With Faramir keeping watch, they were able to rest undisturbed in the now disused cavern. Returning to the temple where they had fought the half-dragon champion, the party quickly dispatched the remaining berserker guard, who remained under the effects of Ezekiel’s Suggestion spell. Looting the chest that sat as tribute on the altar to Tiamat, Jeremiah’s lockpicking experience enabled him to bypass a deadly trap. Within the chest, they discovered several hundred gold in coins, some gems, a fine emerald ring, and a rather plain looking burlap sack.

Moving deeper into the cavern, the party came upon another dark pit bordered by a ledge above, similar to the one in which the Kobolds who were left to watch the guard drakes were defeated. Arguing amongst themselves about the best way to proceed, the group was ambushed by two Kobolds tossing glue bombs and two fully grown guard drakes rushing up from the darkness of the pit below. Though a tough fight, they managed to defeat the creatures, and descending into the pit below discovered what they were guarding: the blue dragon Lennithon’s eggs. As Ezekiel made to put one of the eggs in the bag they found earlier, he was astonished to find that as the egg was covered, it seemed to disappear into nothingness, and the bag grew no heavier. Perplexed, the party turned the bag upside down, causing the egg to spill forth and crack. Emerging from the egg were dozens of dragon wyrmlings, which, as Faramir recalled of the lifecycle of Dragons, was curious for an egg in such late development.

Before they could get the remaining eggs into the bag, tentacles shot out from the darkness of the pit and grappled the party. Slowly they were drawn towards what previously appeared to be a stalagmite, but which now appeared to have a large eye and several razor sharp teeth. Luckily for the group, the creature was currently not hungry, and after Faramir revealed to it the location of the meat locker they had stumbled upon earlier, it quickly released the party and left to investigate. After this encounter with this terrifying creature, they swiftly grabbed the remaining two dragon eggs, and exited the hatchery as quickly as possible, looting Cyanwrath’s body hastily upon their retreat.

It was not long before the dragon Lennithon found and approached the group, sensing that his eggs had been retrieved. After a brief misunderstanding at not being able to see the eggs as they were kept in the bag of holding, Lennithon momentarily let his guard down in excitement at the return of his young. In thanks, he left the silver-tongued Ezekiel a magical lute, grabbed the eggs, and flew off. Returning to Greenest, the party celebrated and prepared for their journey north to Elturel and their meeting with Leosin Erlanthar. From the documents looted off of Cyanwrath’s corpse, the learned that the loot gathered by The Cult of the Dragon was heading north by way of Westgate, to ultimately be delivered to a place called Naerytar.

After three days of travel through the Greenfields the party found themselves in densely wooded country. That evening, as they prepared to make camp, the party stumbled upon the hamlet of Mosley. As they investigated, it was clear the small town had been the recent victim of a raid or attack. Eventually, they discovered a woman named Dora Staleear who was able to describe what had happened:


“They came last night. Sweeping through the streets from home to home pulling us out. We signaled for the Elturguard, but they never came…. The raiders told us we were safe as long as we could pay for our lives, but few here have any wealth. When many of us couldn’t pay, they brought out a container filled with strange writhing creatures and gathered us in the town center. Inside were dozens of pustulent grey worms with razor beaks. They forced many of us to swallow the worms……those who resisted were held down while the creatures bore through their eyes into their head. They screamed in relentless pain, until one by one they fell silent. Within hours, we began to vomit rotten jellied sacs that the raiders dutifully collected. Those who were unlucky enough to take the worm by eye lay catatonic, their skin seeming to crack, harden and change color. Brandon was collecting firewood when they came…..I’ve been waiting for him to return…..

Late in the night, there was a terrible noise from the forest. Within minutes, scouts from the raiders returned to the camp, bloodied and seemingly frightened. After a moment’s conversation, the raiders left almost immediately. I don’t know how, but I know it was Brandon. He is still out there and he needs help. Please – will you find him? I fear the worst may have happened, but I must know for sure.”

At Dora’s request the party followed Brandon’s tracks as best they could. Discovering a terrifying beast that appeared almost half bear half dragon as the source of the roar in Dora’s story, the party engaged it. After a battle in which Faramir was bitten by the beast, the creatures form shifted, and before the party lay a grotesquely disfigured man with the features of dragon-kind. Identifying him as none other than Brandon Staleear, they returned to Dora with the news. Taking shelter in one of the now abandoned homes of Mosely, the party rested.


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