The Lands of Bearenor

Session Summary, Sat. 10/31

Raider's Camp & the Hatchery


Madbrew absent for this session.

Beginning where we left off, the party had just returned to the site of the raider’s camp at the request of Leosin Erlanthar. Upon arriving after a half day’s travel through the rolling plains of the Greenfields, they found the camp nearly deserted, save for a small group of ragged looking humans gathered around a campfire. Moving stealthily into the camp to investigate, they found traces of a hasty departure, but nothing to suggest why such a retreat was ordered. After establishing the group gathered at the fire had little interest in them, the party proceeded to the cave at the back of the camp.

Reaching the top of the cliff-face and entrance to the cave, they were greeted by the same foul stench emanating from within that Ezekiel and Jeremiah had experienced when they were previously in the camp. Proving too much even for his hardy halfling stomach, Faramir was overcome by a fit of vomiting at the smell, but pushed on nonetheless. Moving into the cave, they found its source: a large pile of human corpses in various states of decay. Its was clear that each body possessed odd injuries to the abdomen and heads, almost as if something had exploded outwards from within. Before they could investigate further, they were ambushed by two Dragonclaws.

After dealing with the threat they continued into the cave, passing through a cavern covered in bioluminescent fungi, some of which Faramir was able to identify as deadly Violet Fungi before the party could be attacked. As they traveled further, they discovered a trash dump for the camp as well as a meat locker of sorts with several animal corpses of various kinds fresh and old hanging in a chilled cavern. Trouble came when they stumbled into a group of Kobolds resting near a large pit. Oddly enough, the pit was gated off and animal training implements lined the walls.

Thinking quickly, the party hailed the Kobolds disguised as Cultists and were able to learn of the ferocious “Guard-Drakes” being trained down below. Having moved to the edge of the pit to point the beasts out, Jeremiah took the opportunity to push two of the Kobolds in, who were quickly devoured by the hungry creatures. After dispatching the rest of the Kobolds as well as those from their nearby barracks, the party learned from one they had captured that the Cultists had left in a hurry, though he did not know why, only that they were told to stay and guard Lennithon’s eggs under Cyanwrath’s command.

Moving further into the cave to confront Cyanwrath and recover one of the eggs, the party found themselves in what appeared to be a temple, the distinctly flat walls of the chamber being covered in abstract carvings of dragons in which their tails coiled into intricate patters and knots across the walls. Knelt before a large onyx statue of a dragon with five heads erupting from a volcano was none other than the Half-Dragon champion Cyanwrath, attended by two human berserker guards. Recalling his near fatal encounter with Cyanwrath during the raid of Greenest, Faramir attempted to persuade the others to retreat and to return later with a better plan. However, they refused, and sneaking deftly through the shadows Jeremiah was able to surprise the trio and score severe damage on one of the guards. Unable to convince himself to abandon his new friends, Faramir rushed into the battle to aid his allies.

After a long and bloody fight in which Ezekiel and Faramir were at one point both unconscious, the party prevailed and defeated Cyanwrath. It was Faramir, the young wizard who, in a moment of triumphant reprisal, dealt the killing blow. Engulfed in Faramir’s suffocating cloud of poison, the already weakened half-dragon stumbled from the cliff’s edge and was dead before reaching the floor below. Taking advantage of the respite in combat, the party decided to rest.


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