Faramir Took (Deceased)

Halfling Wizard


Faramir is a 48 year old Halfling Wizard who hails from the small village of Meadowhedge. He has curly brown hair with deep green eyes, stands a threatening 3’6", and weighs a hearty 58 pounds. He travels light, wearing only a dark green robe and basic Halfling garb underneath. He has a small satchel which he carries various reagents for spells, wields a quarterstaff (which to him is basically a full sized wizards staff…) with little decorations carved in, and carries his prized spell book tied to his waist. He is also a novice scribe, having learned how to fuse magical spells into parchment with the use of special inks and runes, and those are carried in a different, slightly smaller pouch. He specializes in the conjuring school of magic, and uses his wits and quick thinking to conjure various items and use his conjurations as illusions to intimidate and surprise his enemies, catching them off their guard.


- Faramir is 48 years old, so still young in terms of a halfling. He has been studying the arcane arts since he was a young boy, ever since his father Peregrin gave him his first spell book. He spent the first 40 years of his life listening to the lavish and sometimes embellished stories of his father and uncles. They have told him stories of dragons, stories of adventure, and stories of overcoming even the most difficult challenges. These stories have given Faramir the courage and bravery he possesses, and also his curiosity which can sometimes get him into trouble.
- Faramir grew up in East Meadowhedge, a small town tucked away in a vast expanse of rolling hills and green fields. He has always had a fascination and love for nature, and in his many years of exploring the little rivers and woodlands in his home he came across a young half elf maiden named Talis. Talis was also as curious and adventurous as Faramir and they both frequently set out on sometimes weeklong adventures into the overgrown forests. Talis was 36 when Faramir met her at the age of 18. With her experience to guide them in the wilds, she taught Faramir much of what he knows about adventuring. Building of campfires, a little bit of animal tracking, some hunting skills, and other basic necessities for a life outdoors. Although Peregrin had a vast knowledge of this lifestyle as well, he had his share of adventuring years ago and has since settled into a quiet life in Meadowhedge, often sending Faramir to the town bazaar in his stead to buy whatever was needed. However, Talis set off on a much larger adventure when Faramir was 45, reassuring Faramir that she would be back in the autumn harvest the year after next. When she never returned, Faramir grew worried and began setting off on his own adventure to find her, having heard rumors of a Dragon Cult.
- Of all the tales and legends Faramir had grown up listening to, the ones that sparked his interest the most were the ones involved the great old wizard Olórin the Dreamer. Olórin was incredibly old, and some legends say he was sent by the gods themselves to thwart the evil in the world. He walks here and there, they say, as a hooded man cloaked in grey. Faramir’s father Peregrin claims to have met Olórin and insists that he has travelled far and wide to grand white cities carved out of mountains built by the hands of men of a lost age. Many of the other residents of Meadowhedge simply laughed at this claim, saying that Peregrin has cracked and his days of adventuring taken its toll on him. Faramir never believed them though, admiring the wonder of Olórin and his magics that Peregrin has described. It is this fascination that has made Faramir stop at nothing to pursue the arcane arts and become a great wizard himself. Seeing his son’s determination, Peregrin gave him his first spell book and used some of the wealth he acquired over his own adventuring to fund Faramir’s lust for knowledge in books and even arranged for Faramir to receive lessons in calligraphy and magical scroll making.
- Faramir is one of four children to Peregrin and Diamond Took, and he was also the smallest, though not the youngest. His two older brothers, Isengar and Pelegrin, would always tease and laugh at Faramir as they grew up, constantly telling him he couldn’t handle the kind of adventures their father spoke of. Faramir was a mere 3’2" while Isengar and Pelegrin were 3’7" and 3’8" respectively, and they both had a considerable amount of bulk compared to Faramir. For a halfling, anyway. They thought it hopeless for a foolish young halfling to even begin to try to comprehend the mystical arcane arts. Faramir’s younger sister, Belladonna, would always console Faramir by telling him not to listen to them and encouraging him to set off on his own adventures and to practice his first spells to prove them wrong. Between Belladonna and Talis, Faramir had the courage he needed to embark to the town to Greenest – a fair journey – in spite of his brothers’ harsh words.

Faramir Took (Deceased)

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