Jyrron Callinova

Grand Duke of Westgate


The current Grand Duke of Westgate, Jyrron’s recent and sudden rise to power has been accompanied by sweeping social and economic changes. In the wake of the disastrous rule of the previous Duke, Archibald Torbley, Callinova, a former member of the Council of Ushers, was chosen as successor to the dukeship upon Torbley’s ousting.

Since assuming his new role, Callinova has achieved much. Along with Augustin Silversoul, he orchestrated a crackdown on the city’s long standing and well financed criminal organizations. Thanks in part to a social campaign aimed at garnering support and new recruits for The Wardens and a citizenry fed up with the rampant crime and corruption, Callinova and Silversoul were successful in driving off or imprisoning the majority of the major criminal figures and organizations in the city. In addition to tax breaks for the lower districts, a renewed focus on civic maintenance and expansion, and customs reforms to enable faster carriage of goods through borders and checkpoints, Callinova has become massively popular with the general and merchant population.

Most recently, the Duke has been the subject of much praise and criticism for his decision to open the city’s gates to all those affected by the raids in the hinterlands.


Jyrron Callinova

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