Rhashiid Akhduat

Death Domain Cleric


Rhashiid is a tall, dark skinned man. He stands at 6’2", weighs 165lb, and though he appears to be in his 50s, his age is more than twice that. He has scars across both of his forearms, deep green sunken eyes, and thin grey hair. He dons scale mail with a warhammer and shield. He has a small gold ceremonial knife fasted to his right hip, and a sickle hanging from his left. His legs are covered by a white half robe, and over his scale mail he wears a magical hooded cloak of brilliant red and gold geometric design.
Rhashiid is a cold, calculated individual. Rarely showing emotion in his affairs, he lives by a divine code and rarely speaks of his mission. Highly religious, Rhashiid worships the Lawfui Neutral God of Death and Judgement, Arok the Gatekeeper.
With no living family or ties to any one city or region, Rhashiid has nothing holding him back from pursuing his means across Bearenor


Beaching his boat somewhere on the western coast of Northern Terralia, Rashiid narrowly escaped his pursuers. With his limited knowledge of the region, he followed the coast north hoping to reach Westgate, but when he spotted a vast storm system moving in from the west, he abandoned the coast to try to avoid the storm.
Moving northeast away from the coast, he crossed a small bridge across the river to the small town of Ashenport. Seeking lodging in the Smooth Sailing Inn, Rhashiid kept to himself in the tavern, eavesdropping on the locals and hearing word of a trade festival. However, the storm he fled from reached the town, and has raged unhindered for days. The locals and those who traveled to the town to partake in the festival began to get restless while waiting out the weather.
On his third night staying at the inn, Rhashiid overheard a man named Ezekiel speaking to the inn keeper about Westgate. He learned Ezekiel was native to the city, and Rhashiid took the opportunity to hire the young bard to escort him to the city. That night, all turned south.
The city was shaken by a deafening noise and the residents turned to mindless zombies, walking to their deaths straight into the river. Stopping as many as he could, Rhashiid, Ezekiel, and Ezekiels “brother” Jeremiah spent the rest of that night and much of the next morning investigating the source of the deafening noise.
After being ambushed in a small religious shrine in the middle of the town by cloaked and hooded men, the trio learned of a mysterious “Prince of the Deep”, and connected that this so called Prince was the source of the sound, and possibly the storm as well. They learned that this was an annual occurrence, and that the mayor of the town was who they should seek out. Being interrupted by the deafening noise again, Rhashiid split from the other two in his attempt to stop the locals from walking to their deaths. It was then that he noticed grotesque fish men coming out of the river, and he barricaded himself and most of the remaining survivors inside the inn. When they finally broke through, he defended the inn, though suffered heavy losses as many of the townsfolk were killed. He was reunited with Jeremiah and Ezekiel during the fight, and the three went to inspect the church on the hill.
After finding a hidden passage beneath the pews, the three easily disposed of another hidden ambush, and finally found themselves face to face with an old woman and man, with the sounds of chanting emanating from the room behind them..

Rhashiid Akhduat

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