Vran Reinhold


Vran Reinhold is a human thief about 5’ 8" with messy, unkempt dark brown hair. He sports a shaggy chin strap and moustache and has black eyes.

Reinhold is the typical shady and aloof character you’d expect to see slumming about in the streets. The almost always present smirk on his face is indicative to his stealthy nature, always appearing to know something that you don’t. His composure is almost always ice cold and it truly takes extenuating circumstances for him to lose it. Not a fighter Vran’s expertise is always being able to disappear without a trace, his calculating mind always having a way out of every situation.


Not much is known about the thief Vran Reinhold. Even his compatriots in the Razgriz Brotherhood never knew much about the enigmatic man. To most, Vran looked like a simple beggar, but those of the criminal underworld knew differently. A calculating and aloof man, it was very difficult to know what he wanted in life.

It was his skills however, that brought him to the Razgriz. Vran was a master thief, able to get in or out of anywhere. His patience and his ability to blend in to crowds made him a valuable asset to the Razgriz.

Vran Reinhold

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