The Capital District

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Although much of Westgate’s industry and trade takes place along the shore, the dusty blocks that surround the Mawspan resound with the noisy work of expert sculptors, jewelers, woodcarvers, and all manner of other artisans who work in rare mediums. It is also the seat of Westgate’s government and trade councils.


  • Qualities: Industrious, Prosperous, Political, Ornamental, Old, Monumental
  • Rankings: Corruption +0; Crime +0; Culture +6; Danger -10; Economy +6; Law +4; Society +3

Points of Interest

Mawspan: Click here for main article on the Mawspan.

The Founder’s Archive & Museum of History: Occupying a small campus just north of Usher’s Hall, several grandiose structures house the histories, findings, and private collections of some of the city’s most esteemed citizens. In an attempt to elevate the status of the city-state, Grand Duke Callinova and the local government have done much to encourage education and the arts. The majority of governmental funds contributed to city-wide enlightenment go toward the Archive and Museum, as well as the city’s universities.

Hall of Order: Here, in the impassive gray stone fastness of the Hall of Order, judges interpret Westgate’s few laws. In many cases, the justices must be quite creative in how they interpret and rule, often consulting each other for advice. Strangely, the system seems to work unusually well, although as Westgate has grown the system has started to strain under its own lack of official structure. Thirteen justices, led by Lord Justice Dale Regentine, form this court.

The Hells: Directly beneath the Hall of Order lie the sweltering passageways of Westgate’s only prison, the Hells. Multiple levels of prison blocs stretch under the building, with the uppermost wings serving as temporary guard barracks and holding cells, while the lowest levels are reserved for the most dangerous of prisoners.

Usher’s Hall: The luxurious gathering place of Westgate’s most powerful political institution, the Council of Ushers. It is within these walls that the city’s most powerful and influential citizens gather to discuss various matters of government, determine courses of action for the city-state, and set policy.

The Duke’s Menagerie: A large and well-kept public park and zoo featuring a modest collection of unique live specimens from the Thorisian coast and beyond, including the well known “Prince Wandolo” – a seemingly tame 14-foot-tall ape.

The Capital District

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