The agricultural center of the Southlands, Elturel was built upon an ancient battleground known as the Field of the Dead. Elturel’s “Hellriders” guard and police not only Elturel, but much of the farmed and settled portions of the Greenfields. Elturel is the capital of Elturguard, an association of towns and settlements under the protection of the Hellriders, and ruled by the High Observer of Torm, currently Darilyn Brodyr. A stout stone wall encircles the city, pierced by two gates, and open on the river side.



  • Type: Lawful Good, Large Town
  • Population: 22,500
  • Government: Theocracy led by the High Observer of Torm, Darilyn Brodyr
  • Qualities: Pious, Prosperous, Capital, Low-Crime
  • Rankings: Corruption -2; Crime -1; Culture +5; Danger 0; Economy +5; Law +7; Society +3

Notable/Important NPCs

Districts & Places of Interest

The High District
The High District of Elturel dominates the untidy, noisome Dock District below. The High District is built of stone, with narrow, twisting, steep cobbled streets that are crowded with spired and balcony-festooned tall narrow houses.

  • High Hall: The residence of the High Observer, and seat of local government and all large commercial meetings.
  • The Garden: A park that stretches away from High Hall in a narrow cut amid the buildings. It is an open place of flowers, wooded paths, arched bridges, and a spring that rises under High Hall (ensuring the city a supply of fresh water), and winds the length of the Garden, to tumble down the hill in the cascades of Maidens’ Leap, and thence by canal to form a moat and bargeway for the eastern Dock District, where it joins the River.
  • Helm’s Shieldhall: A temple dedicated to the worship of Torm.
  • Taverns & Inns: Phontyr’s Unicorn

The Dock District (Waltford)
The Dock District is settled below the High District. It is all dirt, business, and utilitarian buildings, and is dominated by warehouses, markets, wagonmakers, and large stockyards. To the east, warehouses and hovels crowd together around the docks and the crammed stalls of Shiarra’s Market.

  • Shiarra’s Market: A large and bustling market fueled by trade along the Sojourn River.
  • Taverns & Inns: Bent Helm, Gallowgar’s Inn, The Oar & Wagon Wheel


Westerly is where you’ll find the more prosperous and orderly homes and shops west of the heights that are still part of the Dock District. This area has been increasingly referred to as Westerly for separation to imply cleanliness and prosperous success or, to look at it from the other view, laziness, soft living, and pretentious arrogance.

  • Dungeon of the Inquisitor: Reserved for those who trespass against the laws of Elturgard three times, this vast, subterranean maze lies deep beneath the streets of Elturel, and its population is constantly being replenished by new lawbreakers.
  • The High Harvest Home: A temple dedicated to Chauntea, it is presided over by High Harvestmaster Oregh Ballorin, one of the most goddess-favored servants of Chauntea in all Bearenor.
  • The Workshop of Gond: A temple dedicated to Gond, it is overseen by High Tinkerer Munson Louvea.
  • Taverns & Inns: The Wizard’s Harlot, A Pair of Black Antlers


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