The town of Greenest was founded by the halfling Dharva Scatterheart, a rogue who fancied herself the queen of the Greenfields. Scatterheart passed away without ever achieving that level of eminence, but her town grew into a thriving community due in part to its central location among several trade routes. The trade caravans that pass through Greenest bring gold to the town’s merchants and craftsfolk, and Governor Tarbaw Underhill runs the town at the behest of the inhabitants.


  • Type: Lawful Neutral, Small Town
  • Population: 550
  • Government: Autocracy
  • Qualities: Pious, Prosperous, Strategic Location

Notable/Important NPCs

Places of Interest

  • Yellow Hill Inn
  • Greenest Haberdasher – (specializes in green hats)
  • Temple of Chauntea

The Raid of Greenest

Recently, the sleepy town of Greenest came under attack from a large, but oddly mixed group of kobolds, mercenaries, cultists and dragon hybrids. Though the town was seriously damaged and several villagers were killed as a result of the raid, the party arrived in time to save the lives of dozens and support the defense of the keep. Together, they ushered several to the safety of the keep, and rescued dozens who were trapped in the Temple of Chauntea from certain death.

Notably, Ezekiel was able to convince the disinterested blue dragon Lennithon to halt his attack and spare the lives of those in the keep for the return of one of his dragon eggs. Also, Faramir, in a move uncharacteristic of his halfling size, faced off in single combat with the half-dragon champion Cyanwrath. Though he lost, he ultimately survived the duel and saved the lives of the prisoners the half-dragon held.


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