The forested city of Holis lays within a large bend of the Dalver river and serves as the economic, military, and political capital of the northern Kingdom of Aliriba . Due to its location along the river south of the resource-rich Calina Basin, and with well protected trade routes to the similarly endowed area of the Faded Mount, Holis has become the largest exporter of timber and lumber in all of Terralia, despite constant protests by the city’s large druid and naturalist population. Along with the rather unpopular King Ordric Voss and his loyal Aliriban Guard, the majority of the citizenry of Aliriba calls Holis their home.


Referred to fondly as the “City of Sage,” Holis’ wide avenues and sprawling layout allow for a veritable sea of trees, grasses, and other vegetation (a point of pride for its citizens). Though the land the city sits upon is quite fertile, the lush gardens and vegetation for which it is known is caused by one of the city’s most interesting features: the ancient impact site of a meteorite known as the Horvrean Pit, Crater of Life, upon which has grown Holis’ centerpiece, a massive, 200 foot tall oak tree (The Over Tree). It is here that a powerful order of druids known as the Cenarion Circle make their headquarters.

The outer districts of Holis are comprised primarily of pockets of residential areas interspersed with smaller commercial areas, the main exception being the numerous sawmills and raft landings that line the banks of the Dalver river. The inner, more densely populated area of the city is bordered on three sides by the river and surrounding it is an impressive stone wall (built at great expense due to the lack of available nearby stone). Here you will find the large guilds, merchants, and other organizations, as well as the castle fortress of King Voss and the Aliriban guard.


  • Type: Lawful Neutral, Large City
  • Population: 74,000
  • Government: The Throne of Aliriba, currently held by King Ordric Voss
  • Qualities: Financial Center, Insular, Poorly Defended, Verdant, Sprawling
  • Rankings: Corruption +6 Crime +3; Culture +4; Danger +4; Economy +6; Law +0; Society -2

Important NPCs

Places of Interest

  • Wayfarer’s Guild – A guild of mages known as the Wayfarer’s who offer teleportation and summoning services.
  • Horvrean Pit, Crater of Life – A massive Oak tree (The Over Tree) with a large wooden fortress at its base which serves as the headquarters of the Cenarion Circle. Located underneath the tree in a series of root tunnels is the meteorite itself, still highly magical.
  • Timberfell District – Area immediately outside the city where timber is allowed to be harvested. Grows back unnaturally fast.
  • Darrington Estate – Compound outside of city used by The Requisitioners, owned & operated by the Darrington’s.
  • Red Raptor Imports – The continent spanning import/export company maintains a large warehouse in the city and is one of the largest movers of the area’s many natural resources.
  • Ardren Ales Brewery – Renowned brewery owned and run by the Ardren family, it is well known for their delicious ales and nectar wines. It is speculated by many that the ingredients are somehow enriched by the nearby Over Tree.
  • Khyrimonian Embassy – Grown by forest druids of the nation of Khyrim, the intricate wooden building comprised of intertwining root systems serves as a meeting place for delegates of the nearby and friendly nation of Khyrim.
  • The Garden Temple of Mielikki – Prominently featured in the park at the base of the Over Tree, this entirely outdoor temple is dedicated to worshiping the forest god. It features a one hundred foot long marble reflecting pool and large structures of ivy and flower covered trellis that serve as gathering areas.
  • Bud’s Boozy Barn – A large barn on the outskirts of the city wall near the logging camps and sawmills along the Dalver river converted into an alehouse and inn. Popular among travelers.
  • The New Moon – Upscale inn and pleasure house.
  • The Cordial Consortium – A guild of professional druids, wizards, herbalists, and naturalists who research and develop powerful potions, herbs, and concoctions. Considered by many to be the leading authority on all potions, elixirs, brews, remedies, spirits, cordials, and restoratives.


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