Red Sun Company

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A mercenary company led by a Human Ranger named Nolan Broadbane. The company is comprised primarily of Humans hailing from the western coastal regions.

Relationship with the Stormblade Mercenaries

The Red Sun Company has, at the best of times, a strained and vengeful relationship with the Stormblade Mercenaries, a rival band of mercenaries. Ever since the Battle of Nemetar 14 years ago, the final and decisive battle of a war waged primarily between Human and Dwarven city states, the two companies – having fought on opposing sides – have been enemies. Under the new leadership of Nolan Broadbane, the two companies were able to broker an uneasy truce at the prospect of substantial payment from the The Cult of the Dragon.

However, the party was able to use this rivalry between the two companies in their escape from the raiders camp to their advantage by inciting a massive brawl.

Red Sun Company

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