The Razgriz Brotherhood

The Razgriz Brotherhood was a notorious gang founded by Ezekiel Nolan and Jeremiah in the city of Westgate.

Originally just the two of them, their number increased to 6 as they took on larger and more lucrative contracts. Before the Massacre of Seven Flowers the Razgriz were Ezekiel Nolan, Jeremiah, Daken Torr, Talis Starwind, Orengar Firebeard, and Vran Reinhold.

Though they were criminals, the Razgriz were not a band of murderous thugs. They operated with a sense of honor; never stealing from the weak or poor, avoiding bloodshed if necessary, and refusing to betray other thieves and mercenaries.

For the most part, the general public and most who hunted them never knew who actually comprised the Razgriz. They were mostly known for the reputation they attained through their various contracts. Events such as the Tel’Avir Heist and the Escape from Ironhall Prison made them famous among the criminal underground. While events such as the Assassination of Grand Duke Archibald Tarrenhel made them infamous amongst the general populace.

Their most dangerous enemies were the Blackhammer Mercenary Company. The Blackhammers were hired on several occasions to capture the Razgriz and the two groups skirmished frequently, breeding a deep seated hatred between the two.

Currently the Razgriz Brotherhood is defunct. The status of its members remains unknown after the Massacre of the Seven Flowers.

The Razgriz Brotherhood

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