Located at the mouth of the Sojourn river in the Southlands of Terralia, the City of Westgate is the third largest Terralian city after Cordoba and Dhor Thurum. Founded only 130 years ago after the fall of Rodea, Westgate was built upon the ruins of an ancient Thorisian city. Thorisian legends regard the site as a blessed resting spot of angels and celestial messengers, and the megaliths left behind by that civilization reflect the former greatness and sanctity of the city. Living in the shadows of these megaliths, the citizens of Westgate endlessly endeavor to surpass the overwhleming scale and grandeur of the ancient wonders that litter the city and all of Thorisia. A place of great opportunity, social stress, and cold beauty, the city exudes the air of a southern metropolis, seeking to rise above its ignoble beginning as a refuge for Rodean outcasts to become a beacon of culture and freedom in an unforgiving land. However, its towering monuments, elegant gardens, and elaborate sculptures are a thin mask barely obscuring the city’s struggling government, rampant crime and corruption, and its desperate citizens in need of heroes.


  • Type: Chaotic Neutral, Large City
  • Population: 90,000
  • Government: Oligarchy, ruled by the Council of Ushers (wealthy/prominent citizens) under the leadership of the Grand Duke, currently Jyrron Callinova
  • Qualities: Academic, Prosperous, Rumor Mill, Tourist Attraction, Political
  • Rankings: Corruption +3; Crime +3; Culture +6; Danger +10; Economy +5; Law +1; Society +1

Notable NPCs

Notable Factions/Organizations


City Districts – Click Each For More (work in progress)

  1. The Alabaster District
    Home to Westgate’s richest and most affluent citizens; aristocrats, guild masters, and anyone wealthy enough to afford such a lifestyle dwell in the grandiose villas and mansions that line this district’s streets. Shops, taverns, and the like are relatively rare here, with those that do exist typically catering to few clientele. These establishments generally do not open their doors to non-members, with the notable exception of the Lion’s Court hippodrome, Westgate’s largest public arena.
  2. The Capital District
    Although much of Westgate’s industry and trade takes place along the shore, the dusty blocks that surround the Mawspan resound with the noisy work of expert sculptors, jewelers, woodcarvers, and all manner of other artisans who work in rare mediums. It is also the seat of Westgate’s government and trade councils.
  3. Beacon Heights
    Home to many merchants and comfortable families, Beacon Heights, also known as the Vista, is disparagingly called the “New-Money District” by local aristocrats. Despite the disdainful comments of the elite, Beacon Heights is one of the most welcoming and well-kept parts of Westgate. In the south, high-class shops, restaurants, businesses, and the offices of mercantile concerns sit perched atop the Seacleft’s edge. The northern end of the district is dominated by many new houses and the halls of scholarly and academic orders, chief among them being the walled campus of the Arcanium.
  4. The Dockways
    The shouts and bustle of countless traders, fishermen, and foreign travelers stir the choppy waters of Outcast’s Cove through all hours of the day and night. Along the seaside district of the Dockways, salt-blasted storefronts and cramped businesses cater to the typically rough seafolk and many of the cities criminal organizations, while exotic inns and taverns serve as familiar welcomes to visitors from afar. Within the Dockways is the area known as the Shadow, located directly under the Mawspan. Perpetually obscured by the monument above and the smoke of its many chimneys, the Shadow is well known for its seedy taverns, poorly run brothels and rat infested gambling dens, as well as being the most dangerous area in the city.
  5. Porter’s Drop
    Nestled at the bottom of the Seacleft lies one of Wesgate’s most vibrant districts. Numerous small playhouses, pubs, brothels, hookah bars, dance halls, and a wide variety of other entertainments, such as the Torero Arena, make Porter’s Drop home to the city’s artistic and avant-garde community. It is also the home to one of Westgate’s largest monuments, the Sun Spire, a massive tower standing high above the Seacleft. An entire economy exists around the moving of goods and freight through the Spire to the upper districts to avoid the several miles travel around the Seacleft. The district gets its name from the once common practice of those hired to freight the goods up the Spire tossing them over the edge if they weren’t paid.
  6. Silver Shore Bazaar
    Numerous warehouses, shipping companies, and other businesses fill the northern section of the Bazaar, as do numerous simple but boisterous brothels and taverns. To the south, the streets become densely packed with all manner of street stalls and ever changing store fronts. At the heart of the Bazaar, the fervor and shouts of trading and commerce continue day and night. No matter what you are looking for, there is a good chance it is being sold in one of the many large emporiums or back alleys of any of its cramped streets, for a price, of course.
  7. Rag’s End
    Along the coasts of Rag’s end you’ll find several fisheries and shipbuilders, but at its core is a maze of slums. This cramped knot of alleys is where the poorest of the city’s working class make their homes. Temporary laborers, crippled dockhands, drunks, and the homeless scrape by on coin earned from begging, performing odd and often demeaning jobs, and the charity of the city’s many religious orders. Much of Rag’s End is owned by a slumlord known as Jaijarko Rassimi.
  8. Keystone
    While impressive and intimidating buildings line Keystone’s major streets, behind them lie the townhouses and close alleys of Westgate’s laity. It is these buildings that the majority of the middle class of Westgate calls home. While holy houses to some of the gods can be found in other districts, Keystone features the largest number of temples, shrines, and holy sites, including the massive Temple of The Faceless God at the city’s center.
  9. New Ordellia
    Considered the “foreign” district, and often called “the mush” by the city’s elite, New Ordellia is in many ways its own city, distinct from the rest of Westgate, yet bound to it by a dependence on government support as surely as it is by the sturdy Thorisian stone bridges that connect it to the north. Long a hotbed of dissension and governmental criticism, New Ordellia is home to the majority of those who descended from the original Rodean refugees as well as races of all kinds. As anyone wishing to enter the city from the south must pass through New Ordellia, the district is constantly refreshed with new faces of travelers, merchants, adventurers, and dignitaries.


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